Ohio Concealed Handgun License Information

With regard to the State of Ohio Application for License to Carry a Concealed Handgun, it is the intention of the Ohio Legislature that this law (RC 2923.125) is compliant with the National Instant Criminal Background check system. This system of checks contains disqualifiers not specifically enumerated in Section III and/or IV of the license Application.
If a disqualifier is found, your application will be denied.

Read this Federal Disqualifier Notice



New and Renewal Applications are accepted:


Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  (excluding Holidays).
No appointment is necessary.

Note:  Concealed Carry License and WebCheck applications volume may be high. Applicants arriving at our office in the late afternoon may be turned away to allow our clerks to serve the current customers before the end of business. You are encouraged to arrive at our office earlier in the day to receive service.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A recent change in Ohio law prevents an applicant from obtaining a license if convicted of ANY degree of Domestic Violence (Ohio Revised Code 2919.25).


Applications are NOT Accepted on the Following dates:

New Year’s Day (Observed) – Monday January 1, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Monday January 15, 2018

President’s Day – Monday February 19, 2018

Memorial Day – Monday May 28, 2018

Independence Day – Wednesday July 4, 2018

Labor Day – Monday September 3, 2018

Veterans’ Day (Observed) – Monday November 12, 2018

Thanksgiving Day – Thursday, November 22, 2018

Friday after Thanksgiving – November 23, 2018

Christmas –Tuesday, December 25th, 2018 


To Apply: Download BOTH of the below documents:

Concealed Handgun License Application

CCW New Applicant Instructions


Online training courses for a Virginia concealed carry license are
NOT VALID to apply for an Ohio Concealed Handgun License.
Regarding Ohio concealed handgun license training,
Ohio Revised Code 2923.125 G (1) states:

“Each such course, class, or program…shall include at least eight hours of training in the safe handling and use of a firearm”, and also specifies that:
A minimum of two hours of in-person training that consists of range time and live-fire training” is required in that 8 hour total.

The NRA “Basics of Pistol Shooting”online course is 8 hours in length, and DOES meet the requirement of the Ohio Revised Code when the student ALSO completes a minimum of two hours of in-person training that consists of range time and live-fire training.

Any online concealed carry license training certificate must document a MINIMUM of six hours of training, and be accompanied by a certificate documenting a minimum of TWO HOURS or more of in person handgun training with an instructor. A single certificate documenting both 6 or more hours of online training AND 2 or more hours of in person handgun training is also acceptable.

Download the “Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law” booklet

The legal requirements for a concealed handgun license issued by the
Clermont County Sheriff are:

Applicants will have their fingerprints taken for a record check, and license data entered into the computer at the time they submit their application on a first come-first served basis.

NOTE: Applicants must provide a color passport style photo of their face (approx. 2″ x 2″, head & shoulders only) taken within the past 30 days, attached to the application.  NO candid ‘cutout’ photos will be accepted.

Applicants must appear in person for the process, and must bring a government issued photo ID (ex: driver’s license, state ID, passport).

Applicants will receive their issued license by U.S. Postal Mail, delivered to the address of your choice.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL to check on the status of your application after we have received it unless you fail to hear from us/or receive your mailed license for 45 days.  If you were fingerprinted at the jail as part of the application process, your license completion time will be longer than if processed with an electronic WebCheck fingerprint.   Ohio law allows up to 45 days for processing applications, although we make every effort to complete the process as quickly as possible.

After receiving your concealed handgun license, please be aware of the following information:

  1. Your license is now entered into the law enforcement computer system.
  2. An officer stopping any vehicle registered to you will be aware the registered vehicle owner has a concealed handgun license.
  3. If stopped by an officer while carrying a handgun, the license holder must follow the procedures outlined in the current “Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law” booklet.
  4. Please store the license in the sleeve provided, or consider using an adhesive plastic laminate to protect the face of the card (carrying license in wallet behind plastic window may damage card).

Card Replacement Fees

$ 5.00 Replace damaged license – damaged license turned in; duplicate card printed.

$15.00 Replace a lost or stolen license –  complete affidavit of loss/theft (provided by our office), process new license with photo & signature, assign new license number, modify license number in law enforcement computer.

If you wish to obtain a replacement Concealed Handgun License displaying your new address, you must apply in person on the application dates and times listed above.  The cost is $15.00 – (Modify record in CHL computer with new address, print replacement license, enter new address information in law enforcement computer). Payment must be in cash (exact amount), money order, or cashier’s/certified check (NO uncertified personal or business checks are accepted). Make the money order/certified or cashier’s check payable to: CCSO CCW License Fund.

Change of Address

Ohio law requires you to notify the Sheriff’s Office at which you obtained your Concealed Handgun License within 45 days after an address change.  Address changes sent by email are not accepted.

NOTE: You must notify the Sheriff’s Office that issued your license, NOT the Sheriff’s Office in your new resident county.

Clermont County license holders may download an address change form (Acrobat PDF File) and send by U.S. Mail  to:

Clermont County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Concealed Carry License
4470 State Route 222
Batavia, Ohio 45103-9777

This process, required by law, modifies the record held by our agency in the event you need to be contacted regarding a suspension, revocation, or administrative purpose. Note: you will not receive a confirmation from us that your change of address was received.


Issued Licenses are valid for 5 years from the date printed on the license.

An Ohio Concealed Handgun License (CHL) may be renewed no more than 90 days before the expiration date printed on the license, and at any time after expiration.

Visit the Concealed Handgun License Renewal Page

The Ohio Attorney General’s website contains an information page including the required reading booklet “Ohio’s Concealed Carry Law“, Frequently Asked Questions, and an Instructor search index.

To learn about reciprocity with other states, click here.

More information regarding the concealed carry law  may be obtained at www.OhioCCW.org  or www.buckeyefirearms.org These organizations are not affiliated with the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, nor is the accuracy of their website content verified by our office.

Southwest Ohio Area Concealed Handgun License Instructors

NOTE: These concealed handgun training providers are not affiliated with the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office, nor is the validity of their certification as NRA or OPOTC instructors verified by our office. This partial instructor list  is on our website at the request of the below instructors as a convenience to the public.



Review the Minimum Educational Requirements before enrolling in a training course

If you discover an invalid link, email address or phone number in the instructor list, please notify the webmaster.